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Hi guys,

I am part of a team on here and we have thousands of sales on Envato and we’d rather not remove our services from this portal but its something we’re considering because moderators/staff are allowing strange behaviour on our items comments section.

We have a purchased user, that is complaining about a third party product that we do not own, he’s not complaining to the actual seller on Envato. The third-party product uses our public API. This user is complaining about the third party product he’s purchased.

We have told him numerous times in emails this and for the past month every two days he copies and pastes his comments because we keep reporting them. We keep reporting but nothing gets actioned. Is there something can be doing about him spamming etc?

Sorry to have to post in here but it’s becoming an escalation where we need to consider about removing our products and services off the platform. If it were up to me, I would ban the user from commenting on the items page. I just don’t understand why he doesn’t complain to the actual author. Very stange indeed.

Thank you.

Contact Envato support. Maybe, they can just warn the users because of “flooding” and maybe disable his/her account temporarily - otherwise, you just need to keep marking the comments for removal. There’s no such as option to ban the user on your account but Envato could do it for you

We have already done all of above. So this is the last option to get some suggestions on here.

Try to contact Envato support and ask to ban the user temporarily ( usually 3-7 days )

A temporary ban, or maybe the account removal wouldn’t help, as that user can create a new account and still keep on flooding @claxme account. This really is an anoying situation. :disappointed_relieved:
Hope you can sort that out.

Creating a new account wouldn’t be a problem for the buyers because there’d be no “purchaser” badge

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You have the point on that!

Hey there! I’m sorry you’re having such a bad time. That indeed sounds like a buyer that’s pushing it a bit too far. What I suggest is you get in touch with Envato Support and request they investigate this buyer and remove the comments that are causing you spam issues. They’ll get back to you shortly and take of this.


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We have already done this. This post was to highlight in hoping someone from Envato can do something about it. Since posting this thread, the user is at it again.

Anything you can flag internally to this issue? I can share the user information if you require this privately.


Unfortunately, moderators don’t have access to moderating item comments. It’s in the works for us, so the only way to resolve this is via support.

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It’s been well over 48 hours and we’ve still not had a reply. Very close removing everything now. Thanks for your help anyway.

Support time is known to be between a few hours and 7 days at most. You are free to remove your products whenever you wish but you will not be able to reupload the same ones back. It’s your decision in the end, but support will not reply faster if you tell then you’ll remove your products. All authors and providers go through the same queue in support, there is no "cutting in front’.

The guys from support always work as hard as possible to answer as fast as possible, so your patience is appreciated! :slight_smile:

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Can you let me know your Support ticket number? I’ll fix it all up for you.


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Hi KingDog,

Ticket number is 955972. User in question has been doing the same spam from their other account as well.


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Looks like the Help Team took care of it already :smiley:

Really? I haven’t had any replies or updates. Are you able to message me the outcome or send a reply? As I need to let my colleagues know. Thanks

The reply must have gotten lost in a spam filter or something. The comments were removed and the user lost their item commenting ability.



That’s good news. He has another account which I forgot to mention but so far they haven’t commented yet. We’re back to being happy authors again. Cheers KingDog!

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