I am getting almost 500+ comments in one of my item

Hello Envato.

One of user are putting 500+ still counting spam comments in my item

He has not purchased any of my item

Kindly do some urgent action against this user.

So It’ll not affect my profile

Waiting for help

I have already created support Ticket but I think someone from Envato team are here to help me

He is still continuously putting comments

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@KingDog @123Simples @charlie4282 @BenLeong

Please help

You can report the message, there is a button like a flag on the comment…

Please keep patience. Support team will take action against that spam account.

@infotechgravity @BenLeong @KingDog @charlie4282 @mgscoder

I have checked this users items and yes it appears that this person Fouad45 has made repeated comments across multiple pages of items belonging to @infotechgravity

Support team will sort this for you.

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I’m on it :grin:



It looks like this has now been resolved for you as the pages I was looking at (and screenshotting) are now rid of any negative comments made by that particular user. I don’t quite understand how they could post so many comments in such a short space of time, and almost certainly maybe envato need to look at how comments are checked for repetition of the same text multiple times. It’s not unusual for someone to comment quite quickly but to repeat the same text word for word across multiple comments should have been picked up by some sort of spam filter I would have thought.

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