I am getting so many comments from one of my buyer even the support time is expired

Hello Envato.

One of user are putting So many comments still counting spam comments in my item

He has purchased the Item & now Item support has expired I told them to contact Our support team but he is not ready with that

I already sent this URL in my comment URL “https://help.market.envato.com/hc/en-us/articles/15676035559961-Can-I-use-the-same-license-for-the-test-and-production-site

Always he writes in comments that “You blocked the website” but it’s about license verification

He even the spam comments on my other items as well even not purchased

He has been doing this for the last 1 week

For this reason, sales are affected

Kindly stop this user from doing this thing.

Kindly take some urgent action against this user.

So It’ll not affect my profile

Waiting for help

He is still continuously making comments


He sent me threatening mail

@KingDog @BenLeong @123Simples @charlie4282

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Contact Envato support and report the buyer by sending the screenshots of the conversations. Blackmailing is not tolerated at Envato and they will probably remove the comments/reviews and warn/block the buyer.

PS: Stop replying his messages right away.

I have see users and yes it appears that this person jagochdu has made repeated comments across multiple pages of items belonging to @papon_it_solutions

Support team will sort this for you.



The continued comments by the buyer should not be answered, but reported to Envato Support as @ki-themes has said. You are not going to win an argument with the buyer.

Thanks for letting us know. I just processed the item comments this morning.