Emergency, I want to report user as spam as he says he will upload negative comments and also will upload my code to torrent

Hi Envato,

I’m in big problem, one user recently purchased my product
He asked for few basic modification and I did, then he started asking bigger changes
when I asked to hire me for bigger changes, he started negative ratings and negative comments !

Now, he says that he will keep continuing negative comments on all my products, he will buy all products and will upload on torrent sites. I can provide all things what i’m writing here.

Please Help me sooner otherwise, I’ve to quite envato for selling my new apps, I’ve 50+ apps that is upcoming in envato and already have good sales on envato.

Please help me sooner you can !

Spam user profile : [Removed]

Everytime you download something from a torrent remember this :slight_smile: What can you do :slight_smile:

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