I apologize if some words are not quite correct, English is not my native language.
I am a member of the community for more than 3 years and have an impeccable reputation also I always follow all the rules the community. Recently, I became an author, and began sell your products. I also made a free product for all authors Envato - because I want to be useful for entire community - and what I have now?
A few days ago, some malefactors use the ONLY INFORMATION ABOUT MY PRODUCT and sent spam emails to users of Envato. Administration of Envato BLOCKED MY ACCOUNT, MY MONEY, MY PURCHASED PRODUCTS - HOW IT POSSIBLE? I was told that I was guilty but Nobody gives me any evidence of my guilt - at me simply stole the money and everything else without any reason, based on their personal offerings. Even if you think logically - I worked for three years to have a good reputation in the Envato!!For what? to send a few letters of spam? This is really silly!
I want to say this for everyone - I’m INNOCENT! The administration took from me all just because in spam had information about me! It really can be a reason?
This can happen to anyone of us - tomorrow malefactors takes information about someone else and then what? instead of solving the problems administration will block and next author? Personally for me, it looks like if someone steals information, make it specifically as spam and removes a competitor!
I ask everyone - please help me to understand the situation and restore my account, or be aware of what can suddenly happen to you!
Thank you all! With respect to all

While it is an understandably frustrating situation, the forums are not the right place to find a solution to the issues. You need to speak to and contact envato support here

If spam is coming from the account (irrelevant of how or why) envato have a duty to stop this for the good of their marketplace, other users and actually it may not seem like it but this is also in your interests. If they did not block it then the situation would only get worse and be even more detrimental to you and your reputation.

Your account, files, earnings etc. can all be restored but envato have no choice but to disable it temporarily while they investigate what is happening.

If you have not already then send them a message and they will help you sort it out.

Thank you for attention charlie4282.
as I described above - I was trying to explain it to the administration, but still no answer about what i have to do? Maybe you can help me with this question, I will be very grateful to to you

Unfortunately I am not part of support. When did you contact them?

This type of thing does take a little time to investigate then they will reply.

If you explained the situation to them when you contacted them then they will take this into consideration when trying to fix it all

I just do not know where else I can ask about help!
spam is coming not from my account. Here is a pictures of spam

there is information about my product, but sent from envato market.I do not know how this could happen, but I did not do anything - why should I suffer from it and try to prove that it was not me! If you are an administrator please help to solve this problem, I will be very grateful to you! Best regards

Hello. As mentioned the Help Team will be happy to help you. They will be contacting you via the ticket. Thanks!