My account blocked without any warning from Envato


Hi! Yesterday I got blocking of my Envato account (frontmusic) without any warning messages from Envato prior it. This is really strange situation, because all my music is unique. I am selling my music here almost 4 years without any problems, warning or violations. I need urgent help with this situation and explanation what’s going on with my music and my money. If I breached any rules (I don’t know what rules exactly I breached in my case), I need fast response from Tech support. This is my tech support ticket number - 510285. Please, help. I believe this is huge error, I am depressed. Help.


I hope it will be explained and fixed, let us know of any news.


That’s hard man, hope it is fixed soon


It’s really terrible situation.:disappointed_relieved: ((( Good luck to you in resolving this problem! I hope it will be fixed soon. Let as know when Envato unblock you or any other news!


Hello everyone! I’m still waiting for a response from the Envato due to the closure of my account. Thank you LumenMedia for support of my situation. My music has been stolen. I know who stole - I know who was lying informer!
Thanks to everyone who supported me!
Please find more info: Disgusting example of stealing my music and music of one of my friend, that caused blocking of his account


My problem is still not resolved - an account is blocked! Support does not answer - a reaction to tikets on direct appeal is missing … I think it’s weird and wrong! And it makes me unhappy / :frowning:


Hello everyone! My account is open -
It was a great lesson for me and my friends!
This problem was the following:

  1. My music has been stolen and released on the music stores under other copyright and name.
  2. My own music tracks have been released on my label and have been identified as a violation.
  3. Using a variety of loops and samples with known library generates multiple coincidence among music of different authors

Colleagues, please note my experience in their promotion to the tops of the Audiojungle !!!
The problem is closed and those who initialized it will reward the Lord!.


I am glad Envato reacted faster than usual in such cases. Great lesson to maintain quality of portfolio and not relying on samlpes too much, breaking Envato sample policy. What is working for EDM releases, not working for such a great stock library as Audiojungle, you know now. This is bitter lesson, but very very useful lesson for all of us. Great you learned it.


Im very glad this is resolved!