UPDATE: Now my account is permanently banned.

UPDATE: I made a post about this in Author Hangout:

So for the past three days my account has been locked for no reason. I was inspired by a post on Themeforest I just saw today, where another author had the same issue. This is now solved already, so now I am doing it in the hope of the same outcome.

And without any response from Envato other than “I understand you’d like to request to have your account re-enabled as soon as possible” @KingDog @BenLeong - What do I do? And to answer the questions (which I of course already did) Yes, that is 100% exactly what I want.

It’s really hard trying to grow here in the first place, but then being locked out for no reason and even without no warning from the Envato team other than “Your account has been locked” on the homepage on AudioJungle, I find it to be a honestly frustrating situation.

I really hope for this to be solved as quick as possible… Thanks in advance.


@KingDog my account is locked with out a notice please help me

Hi Lukas …….Well, you’re leaving half of your earnings here, you’re all ready a trendsetter, you’re portfolio grows, and you’re working hard…… I’m sure Envato turns up the lights again?!?

Hi @MelodicEscapism same issue I’m facing, I don’t know why they had blocked my old account.