My portfolio is disabled the night before Envato staff takes off for the Holidays.

I’m trying to get a hold of anyone at Envato. If anyone can help reach out to someone who works at Envato I would sincerely appreciate it.

There is false claim on 60 or so of my non-exclusive tracks. But for some reason Envato felt they should disable my exclusive account which makes up 95% of my income. My exclusive account has nothing to do with the copyright claim. And to top it off they do it right before Christmas break.

I feel a little betrayed. Why don’t I have an account manager or a point of contact at Envato?
Why can’t I get a hold of anyone?
Why not contact me FIRST so we can resolve the issue with my non-ex account.

For those who are curious about the copyright issue with my non-ex account…
In 2012 when I was still naive about contracts, I mistakenly signed an exclusive contract with a company where the addendum states, "The writer and the publisher agree: ““The writer is able to add these tracks to other libraries, download platforms or physical releases and compilations.””
Now this fellow has removed the Addendum portion of the contract and is hunting down all non-exclusive libraries I belong to and threatening the libraries as well as myself with a lawsuit.

I don’t want a legal war over tracks that I made 5 years ago(not the best tracks IMO) therefore I have been deleting all my non-exclusive material at every non-ex library I was with. Last week I deleted my non-exclusive account here at Audiojungle…and Envato STILL disables my exclusive account…which again, has nothing to do with my non-exclusive account or the copy write claim.

Please I need the lines of communication open.



Hey. Usually so arrive in many services when there is a similar situation: at once all activity of the person until the situation is solved is blocked. Apparently Envato in the early produces action, and then will deal in current situation.

Your account may be blocked because it has the same personal information. I hope your situation will be resolved in the near future. Good luck.

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Jeff - I really do hope that this situation can be resolved swiftly and have an absolutely minimal impact on your Envato account.

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My friend, I hope this situation will be decided in your favor! And justice will prevail! I really hope that your many years of work will continue and in the end everything will be fine !!! @Sky-Productions @kingdog @BenLeong @jamesgiroux


Hey JT,

This is not a great situation. A public forum is not the best place to comment on this but send me a DM with your ticket number and I will look into it.

For those reading, this is a challenging one. I am sorry this has happened but we have a responsibility to respect copyright claims. In these cases it is not an item issue but an author issue.

I appreciate the explanation here and will do what I can to advocate internally but we will always follow the DMCA process.


I think we need specially appointed staff to deal with similar claims. Usual tech support is way too slow.


In my opinion, support works quickly enough, but I agree with you, such serious issues should be solved by individual people (or a separate team of people), so that the author does not feel a shock, so that the author can understand the reason for such cases as soon as possible. Because sometimes support can be overloaded with other tickets. And at the same time, complex issues related to account blocking need to be considered first in the queue, and such questions are of the highest priority for the author and for the buyer or for anyone else.

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Shame on this publisher for harassing and threatening you the author. This is beyond messed up!

How did Envato disable your account, you an Elite author and well known community member, without even having the decency to try and sort it out with you? That’s just low, man! Especially when they let so many copycats and clones mafia roam free.

Hope you get it resolve quickly, and Envato starts acting decently with their authors.

DMCA is always item based, never author based. If you have an issue with this author who’s been a great contributor to Envato for years, don’t you think you could have at least communicated with him first?
Why is Envato’s communication with authors so terrible these days?


I am not agree with tonality of your post, but completely agree about your thoughts expressed here. I also had some similar issues, some of them were sorted quickly, some not. But overall feeling is you not respected as contributor for several years. I think, Envato should first to contact author directly with aim to sort issues. But honestly speaking, i am also understand Envato. No one want to fight legal claim with million or so dollars. So it is easier to disable problematic items and later sort it out.

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Google “Counter DMCA notice” - fastest and easiest way to restore items under DMCA claim (if you legally clean)


I beg to differ. Sky-Productions might be in serious trouble. Urgency - in this case - is something I can fully understand. AND: Even if this could be solved privately, other authors can learn from this.


totally agree!
once I solved privately an issue with the help team… then I posted here the solution, so other authors could see the process to solve it… maybe this can happen in a future…
@Sky-Productions good luck and I’m sure you will find a solution for this problem.

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@Sky-Productions is there any progress with your case?

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Thanks everyone. Our dedicated integrity team has responded to JT on this specific exclusivity issue. For the sake of his privacy we won’t be commenting more on it. We take rights management very seriously at Envato and work with rights holders on Envato as well as those outside Envato to ensure that our platform is used the way it was intended. We regret that this situation has happened and we hope that the parties involved will be able to resolve it amicably.


@jamesgiroux sure thing, thanks for taking care of it!


Thank you James for your help in speeding up this process, I really appreciate it!
All my tracks on my exclusive account are back up online. Also, thank you Alex C and Maria K from the Integrity Team. I am sure they get their fair share of dishonest authors and copyright claimers alike. I’m sure their job can’t be easy trying to filter out the good from the bad.
I was down for a total of 5 days, and I feel that is a reasonable amount of time especially around the holidays. I appreciate the speediness at which this was resolved.

However, I also feel that a simple phone call placed before they disabled my accounts could have prevented a very stressful week for me. I’m very blessed to have a small following of clients and not having any answers for them was frustrating. I am requesting a point of contact at Envato that I can get in touch with should this happen again. This is essentially my sole income and I have been loyal to Envato since I started. I am so gratefully for everything that Envato/Audiojungle has done for me. I was going to college for finance in 2011 and Envato without a doubt was the reason I was able to switch to working on music full time. Its been an amazing 7 years…very hard…but amazing. I cherish the community and I really do love it here.

I have been working on an album for the past year that will be released in February. I have invested $70,000(half in loans) into 15 tracks recorded with 50 String and Brass players at Air Studios in London. I was going to have the licensing administered through Audiojungle, as I have a strong loyalty attached to Audiojungle. However, I’m more than a little shaken during this week and am considering alternatives. A 9 month old son makes security a top priority.
Could I please have a point of contact that I can talk to on the phone if there are any more copyright claims/potential problems that come in?

Thank you AMZA for reaching out and suggesting to contact James, and thank you everyone for you help.
I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas!


Cool man, good luck to you in this difficult matter !!!

So happy that your issue was resolved! Hope all goes well with the album production, mate!

I too had my account disabled once due to a bogus claim on 1 track. Envato’s policy to immediately disable an entire account even if it’s based on 1 track is ridiculous. Next time call the author and ask about the situation over the phone before taking such drastic action. More often than not a situation such as this one can be worked out with a phone conversation which allows authors an opportunity to present their side of the story. This type of scenario highlights more and more why it is important that us authors NEVER give up the rights to our music to anyone, ever. Remember all: Envato is not a publisher with rights to our music assets. They are simply a “selling platform” that allows us to license our music to the world wide public. We are the rights holders here. Envato has 0 rights to our (YOUR MUSIC). Envato is merely a broker. We self publish here.

Envato, change your over the top policy of immediately disabling accounts based on erroneous copyright claims and DMCA takedowns. You first need to call the author and investigate why the incident even happened. There are a lot of bitter publishers out there who are envious of this site because so much buying traffic takes place here. Their envy leads them to irrational behavior. The buying traffic is here because prices are so low. That needs to change my friends. Define your worth and value yourself better.