Spam through profile contact form - `I see you are interested in plugins for site`

In the last 24 hours I have received 3 spammy e-mails through my contact form, pretending I am interested in plugins for site.

Anyone else got these?

The mails include links to codeCanyon plugins with affiliate referal param in url - a user with zero items/sales or purchases, but an affiliate badge level 1 - obviously here to make some referal cuts.

The username starts with s and ends with 1, not to mention any author and break the forum rules… Can we do anything to stop this if this becomes a trend?

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Yep, I received 2 of the same email today…

Same here. Received 2 identical spam messages with this exact content today.

Had two here also. The same user with two different accounts by the looks of it.

In that case, are we allowed to name the user and get his account blocked.

I just noticed that the contact form says All messages are recorded and spam is not tolerated - so I guess it will be an easy cleanup for envato staff.

@natman who is the right person to flag this to?

Yes, I’ve had two similar messages from meddio1. Probably not allowed to name him, but I’m sure he’s definitely not allowed to spam us!

Yes got spam too from someone as well

Yes, I got this message too.

Same here!

same same same :frowning:

Got one too.

Both his profile and items are currently removed from Codecanyon.

Good job, Envato team. Spam should not be tolerated.

Please just let us know through a Help ticket when you come across a private message spammer. We’ll take care of them for you :slight_smile:


Allright, thanks, will know for next time :slight_smile:

I have gotten a few of these as well and i am very happy to see this resolved so fast! Cheers Envato!

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Same here !

Guess this user got a bit too excited, too early, about this competition:




Same Here :frowning: ,spam

I apologize if some words are not quite correct, English is not my native language.
I am a member of the community for more than 3 years and have an impeccable reputation also I always follow all the rules the community. Recently, I became an author, and began sell your products. I also made a free product for all authors Envato - because I want to be useful for entire community - and what I have now?
A few days ago, some malefactors use the ONLY INFORMATION ABOUT MY PRODUCT and sent spam emails to users of Envato. Administration of Envato BLOCKED MY ACCOUNT, MY MONEY, MY PURCHASED PRODUCTS - HOW IT POSSIBLE? I was told that I was guilty but Nobody gives me any evidence of my guilt - at me simply stole the money and everything else without any reason, based on their personal offerings. Even if you think logically - I worked for three years to have a good reputation in the Envato!!For what? to send a few letters of spam? This is really silly!
I want to say this for everyone - I’m INNOCENT! The administration took from me all just because in spam had information about me! It really can be a reason?
This can happen to anyone of us - tomorrow malefactors takes information about someone else and then what? instead of solving the problems administration will block and next author? Personally for me, it looks like if someone steals information, make it specifically as spam and removes a competitor!
I ask everyone - please help me to understand the situation and restore my account, or be aware of what can suddenly happen to you!
Thank you all! With respect to all

Well, if that is true that is a crap situation you are in.
I think Envato can easily find out who did what, but i would like to add that i have gotten three of those emails as well.
2 of them were from the guy that was actually spamming HIS items… but 1 email was him spamming SOMEONE ELSE’S items.
I have written a comment on his board “stop spamming me” and he replied that it was not him who did it, but simply someone else who can profit this way".
Seeing as how this profile is still alive and well, i guess Envato figured this out as well and did not ban the victim in this case.

I am curious what happened here.

Here is a reply from the user in case who got his account and item used for spam:

> To confirm:

> This is a spammer that has nothing to do with me/us (meddio1) – you can see from the link they’re including in their messages (has ?ref=meddio1 on the end). They’re pretending to be us and sending these out to get an affiliate cut.

> This is not us, and I will report this to CC/envato immediately.