Is Envato supporting SPAMMERS?

This guy:

can make 100 similar comments on my page without any restriction from Envato. Here is what he is doing on my page:

This is the screenshot:

I submitted flag and ticket, but seem moderators are now too busy to take a look.

Other guys can learn from this and spam a lot of link around on Envato market. And I am very UNHAPPY with this.

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The total comments are now near 200. I request Staff review this.

Reported as spam for some comments. send support request to envato support team.

@scottwills pls stop him asap :smile:

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I am curious if Envato has a spam filter for comment section. I don’t know why a guy can spam only ONE comment in million times and the system did not hint anything?

I’m excited! Why the evanto can’t detect the spamming though it reached 200. :frowning:

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Not only the number, the guy is still spamming and with BLACKLIST words (SEX,…)

And he flooded all my items. Moderators are still review his SEX comments (about 5 hours but still thinking, what are they thinking, I really curious) and my support ticket is still running around out there.

Hi all, sorry to hear about this issue. Account has been banned from posting item comments and I’ll triage to the right team members as far as further investigations are concerned with the account, and spam filtering in general. Thanks again for letting us know. :thumbsup: