Can't remove spam advertisements from my comments section

Someone has repeatedly spammed my item comments (multiple items) with a large image advertisement, when I hit report it doesn’t do anything and the ad is still there.

Now that authors have control of refunds, pricing and other things wouldn’t it make sense to allow them to manage things such as comments?


Hi @EmberThemes,

Please contact Envato Help and Support as soon as possible to report any spam activity. I’m sure they will take care of it :slight_smile:



Yup, definitely contact support. Meanwhile I’ve flagged it for you. Maybe if you post the ticket number @KingDog can check on this one. :wink:



I contacted support with links to the comments he has made on my items.

Ticket id: 1046107


I didn’t hear back from support yet (I’m assuming because it’s a weekend), so I got a friend to report them all for me since I am unable to do so.

This is an issue for me too. I can’t flag comments anymore, my limitation was removed once by the Support Team, but I hit the limit again. Authors should be allowed to manage their comments section. I’m honestly tired of the continuous spam, especially when I submit a new item.


That person has also posted the same comment on many of the new items which links back to their website. This type of self promotion shouldn’t be allowed.


Why did he want a refund?

Based on several new threads in the forum, he may not be making it up.

Check the forums, there’s an issue with downloads giving virus warnings. So basically, his comments could be 100% true, as…

A) It’s possible his virus software probably did stop the install, mentioning the script had a Virus.

B) He did ask you for a refund and you declined the request.

However, when combined, the two statements do give the impression that even though the item may have a virus, you still declined his refund… which isn’t really true. You declined it because he wasn’t really entitled to a refund… it just happens that it now also appears to contain a virus.

Okay, so I found this: Possible Virus or Malware in theme

This appears to be a problem with the envato marketplace and not the items.

Sure thing, but to a buyer it’s going to appear that the issue is with your item. Maybe you should direct them to the thread in question.

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