Someone is selling my plugin on his/her website

Ok, I just noticed that some people came to me asking for support even when they haven’t purchased the plugin from here codecanyon.

These peoples purchased the plugin @ [link removed]

and now asking me the support.

I think it’s illegal, right?

are you sure are they selling it on their site ?

if so. please try to contact the site owner and take it down. or contact envato help support

Let the people who came asking support from you that they’ve bought illegal copy of your plugin and they need to purchase the plugin through CodeCanyon to be eligible for support.

I’ve removed the link as nobody wants to give the website extra exposure. Also let Envato support know about the website here Envato Help & Support Center as @varunsridharan suggested.

Envato support won’t get involved if they are selling the item on their website. Check the whois information for the website and contact the hosting provider (DCMA) to take the website down

The advice from @ki-themes is definitely right in this case - that looks like an international version of a dodgy marketplace which often tries to appear similar to envato.

In this case, it’s useful for support to know but, any takedown action is going to need to come directly from the copyright owner i.e. the author and envato won’t be able to action this for you.

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