Problem with Author - Seller - Support

Dear community,

I bought a plugin at Codecanyon a few days ago. This works verifiably not correctly and was tested several times.
Also with a Clean Wordpress installation. The plugin is broken, or has a lot of bugs. Now I have posted the problem in the support forum of the plugin seller and there is no answer and no response.
Now I posted it in the comment section on themeforest of the plugin and the seller finally answered.
But he only said that I should post the problem in the forum, which I have already done. Now he denies me the purchased support.
So now I have a broken plugin and support bought over themeforest / codecanyon.
Who is now liable for breach of contract and how can I get my money back if the service is denied?
Many Thanks.
Best regards rusty


Open a Envato Help Ticket they would like to assist you with an official answer.


many thanks. I have made. I did not find the link at first.

When Envato customer success member reply to you then make a dispute against that author they will help you no worry about it.You can give him a low rating. If they(Author) Didn’t reply to and solved his plugin bug.