I purchased support via Envato but the authors site does not verify


I renewed my support via Envato yesterday. I waited all day to be able to submit a question to ThemePunch support but keep getting a message that says I need to renew my support. There is NO way to reach them other than Twitter that I can see—and that doesn’t seem to be working.

I can send details if you cannot see them in my account but for now thinking I shouldn’t post anything here as it may be public.

I hope you will help me.

Don’t share private info here. Use the form on the right https://codecanyon.net/user/themepunch


we would like to ask you for advice. We purchased this item:

Then we asked Author for customization 9 months ago. We have paid them approximately 1500 USD for customization. They have delivered some portion of customization. Now they are claiming that customization is almost done (to see bellow) and they only need to upload it. Thus we are still waiting for upload. They do not react to e-mails. Thus after 9 months and investments of 1500 USD, we still do not have result.

Do you have any ideas how to prompt them to finish their work before we will forward this issue to the legal department?

Active IT Support Zone (Active IT zone)
Jun 28, 12:36 +06

Most of the works are done but, the slow net support made it delay to show on server.
We’ll be able to finally upload on Friday.

Unfortunately unless it was agreed via envato studio then that would be between you and the developer - envato won’t get involved in private agreements