complaints against authors

author doesnt respond to emails and purchase unable to be downloaded due to missing files.what do we do ?sent way too many emails without reply now

Some authors have free time in weekend and starting today are on office for work some of them are also free today due vacancy, etc.

If you can’t download theme from envato, just open ticket and they will help you.

If you need support from author, you need to have more patience one day extra. If not, you can ask envato for refund.

Cheers and good luck

script should work when u purchased it.i got a reply last week saying he could install for more money not let me see if i can help you .its not the service i would give to someone buying from me .their is no way to open a support ticket


Sorry to hear you’re having troubles with your purchased Item. If the item not work as they describe in the item details page then you can ask for refund but if script is fine but you need support for installation/customization then best will be hire a freelancer or developer.

If you are eligable to get a refund then you can request for refund. Can I Get A Refund is an explantion of the refund policy, requirements, process and a button linking to the request form.

Here is all the information about refunds: Envato Market Refund Rules


why can envato just not get the author to respond and provide the service they are selling ?
all we want is after sales for a product we have purchased

Item support is the Auhtor responsibility. So, for getting support you must have to contact Auhtor through item details page then Support tab. If you contact through profile page then Auhtor may take it less priority because support is only through Support tab. If you already contacted the Auhtor through Support tab and auhtor not respinding and 3-5 days gone then you can report it to envato customer support. Thanks

thanks but not good is it .surely envato have a responsability to support purchases better than 3-5 days .surely terms and conditions must make authors responsable quicker than that for their sales.we are just sat here waiting unable to do anything arghhh


All authors try their best to support customer as soon they can but I mentioned 3-5 days because of weekend, vaction, working hour etc factor can make some delay. And as an Author I believe Author always try to reply customer within short time and if possible immediately. So, I suggested after 5 days gone you can report to envato. Envato support team then will review your report.


Hello, you should use Mail Tracker to see if the author is opening your emails or not. It’s Free.

Out of interest what files is it that are missing?

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its not letting me attach the error .basically says line 8 …


I am not sure but a suggestion if work for you.
Please run the script as:

and for doing this you have to copy the Breeze Social Network from the codecanyon… folder and paste it into your local server and rename Breeze Social Network to breeze-social-network. So that you can run as like the above url


i will ask my developer to try that thank you … my developer says their is only one file,should their be individual elements available anywhere on code canyon rather than one big file?

please check item documentation hope will get necessary help in documentation. Thanks

hello we have checked documentation and debugged but still files are missing.i am very dissapointed in author .i have a feeling he is making a big update and may have altered some files but either way we are very unhappy

he still hasnt replied.ive never known a purchase so badly supportd after purchase.i only bought it because of the good comments.i cannot believe he does not read the comments or the emails.i wonder why authors sell products if they cannot back them up or support them

I’m also having a big problem with an author which doesn’t reply at all. I’m waiting from May 16th for some bug fixes but without any result. I contacted Envato and they only can give my money back! That’s not an option: we worked more than 10 weeks on our website and it’s almost finished. How can I get my support?