Authors Not responding after purchases

I am sick and tired of trying a product demo out and when asking them if a paid product does certain things they respond within 24hrs saying yes it does giving you all these talk about how good they are and when you purchase it the product doesn’t work or do much more than the demo did and trying to get support is pretty much impossible.

I have been waiting for 3 days now because I bought a product to get the file uploader and it doesn’t work, i also bought another product for forms and it also doesn’t work.

I are expected to keep paying for support on this site and keep getting pushed to extend support but yet support is never there when you request it. the time we waste chasing support they should be paying us for the time wasted after purchasing a product that doesn’t do what they say it it does.

I will be asking for a refund from Codecanyon if this last a couple more days.

I know Envato is onl;y a third party but your the one that we pay and your the one that makes us keep spending money on support we never get.




If your purchased Item is focused as supported then please wait for the next couple more days and if Author not respond then you can go for asking refund.
You can request a refund here


I think it is way past time to begin exploring legal action against envato and codecanyon. I have spent more money than I need to find a decent script and yet all I have gotten is garbage