The seller does not answer and does not support me

I have a problem and I do not know what to do

I purchased a script and found many problems

I tried to contact him via his website, comments, but no answer

I purchased the script for $ 44

I will never benefit from this script

Because I do not know that I solve problems and will not solve them only programmer “seller”

I have 6 months support left

But he does not answer anyone

what should I do ?

I regret my weak English.

Please open a Help ticket at the Envato Help & Support Center and let them know the author is not responding to support queries.

You can also request a refund here:

This request will be sent to the author, however if they fail to respond within 5 days, you can dispute it with support.

Also, how long did you wait until getting a reply? Did you also check if author’s on vacation?

If not , what baileyherbert said is the way to go.

@baileyherbert i have ticket but i don’t know how to get into it

@crivion he is not in vaction.

OP - your complain has inspired me to create a new topic about “good” and “wrong” types of support requests. I don’t know which item you purchased, but maybe that’s the case you don’t receive any support? New Checkbox - This is NOT support request

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Right on with @phpmillion. The author in question has an official support site so the comments section for that item is not necessarily a valid place to ask for support.

I checked through the comments and saw that he has indeed been inactive for the last few months.

However, upon a little more digging, it seems that he has returned and responded to all outstanding tickets 6 days ago, so there’s a chance he may get to you relatively soon if you have opened a ticket.

Regarding your Envato Help ticket, there is no online web portal where you can access it. You’ll need to wait for a reply over email.

I tried to contact him on his site but he did not answer

Well I sent him many letters on mail

But it does not answer my messages

since 4 days ago


There is a problem with the his official site.

i can’t register in his website.


what item is it?/ may be other members can help you



okay what’s the issue?

Seems ok to us?

Did you not manage to submit a ticket there?

if i disable the force login or change to anything, always need to login before start quiz


official site does not send a confirmation email

I opened about 4 tickets But I can not go back because i don’t have account in the site


that sounds like script issue. i thought it was configuration issue.
probably only author can help you with this.

yes i know, only the author can help me

Might be something else.

I also bought a script for support system from codecanyon. I’m alreay using it.

And all the emails from the support forum - for my gmail customers, go to their Spam inbox and I have no clue why, I have not been able to solve this issue myself too. Yet.

So, @Azzouz1011 please check also your email spam folder, maybe confirmation emails from the author support forum went there.

I’ve searched all folders

I did not find anything

Hi, I’m writing from Turkey. My English is not good. Please forgive my mistakes. I bought the Opencart Revo theme. But there are mistakes in the blog section of the theme. I asked for support from the seller but he has not returned to me yet. What else can I do.

Hi @halilz,

As stated earlier, if you won’t hear from seller for several days, consider opening help ticket at Envato Help and Support. Some sellers may take a short break every now and then though, so I’m gonna ask you to show a bit of patience for few more days :slight_smile:


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