Who is responsible if the author didn't support the client?


I have raised hand many times regarding issues, fixes & for help, I’m “PURCHASED” & “SUPPORTED” why I didn’t being support??? I asked for a fix here and on direct support as well. What’s wrong? I’m Asking the envato/codecanyon!!!

My Asked support 100% valid, I just asked, why that option didn’t work? (that’s not working because there is no function behind it, that’s just a front-end) Some I fix by myself some I need help to fix…

Here is my Purchased Script: https://codecanyon.net/item/teachify-lms-powerful-learning-management-system/26927646

Dear Envato,
who is responsible if the author didn’t support the client???

So did you not received any response from the author at all? Or you are just not satisfied with the response?

They just respond until I purchase the script. I didn’t disturb them much, because I know the basic of code things. I just need to fix their own flaws, some options are just in front-end and there is no code behind it. why???

If the author is not helping you, then you can can ask for a refund and go with another script. You can request a refund on the following page:

If somehow your author isn’t providing you support for the product as purchased. Then as per my expertise and skills set i can offer you great support.
You can discuss with me via email or via envato studio’s

In an actual manner, a refund is not a solution, What will if the other author do the same. The issue is the quality of the platform, where people trying to sell their unfurnished products and buyers just wondering maybe this one will good or maybe that one.

What kind of support you are offering? A paid customization services?

I, of course, understand that refund doesn’t really solve the issue, but if the author is not providing support, there is nothing else to do on that front. You can contact the Envato Help and complain about it, but Envato can’t force authors to provide support. They can ban him from marketplace or whatever, but that doesn’t solve your issue either. But it is worth to get in touch with them just to try all your options. You can submit a ticket via this page:

Thank you so much for your kind response, ya expecting the same!

So, let see!

Yes i can offer paid customization and support. But first please get the issue resolved from the support side.

If the author is not providing support, there is nothing else to do on that front. You can at the end contact Envato support team and complain about it, but even Envato support team can’t force authors to provide support. So you will be on you own at the end… Or if you are developer by your self then you can have it fixed from your side or hire someone else to have your issue as resolved

Sorry to hear about it. If the author is not providing support I can help you as paid support. You project required Laravel expert.