Authors that post broken scripts and don't offer support


Am a very disappointed and dissatisfied with authors who post broken scripts and don’t offer support when needed.

Like now I happen to have a purchased a php script.
The code is broken, full of errors and bugs. Tried reaching out to the Developer for support, but he keeps ignoring with no feedback from the script owner.

When you request a refund he blocks you. What’s that???


I’m sorry to hear about your experience!

When you click the Support tab on the page of the script you bought on CodeCanyon, does it show that the item is supported?

From what I understand, you already contacted the author for support…some authors do not work in the week-end, so I’d suggest waiting a bit until Monday if possible…

All items on CodeCanyon are verified by experienced reviewers before being published, maybe there is something else regarding compatibility with something, or some web hosting issues.

Though, if you don’t get any feedback from the author, you can contact
Envato Market Help and Support


Yes there’s is 6 months support. However I contacted the author the whole week, after buying the script ( work day time) but no response either. He’s been ignoring and if you check the comments, other users that purchased the item are complaining too, the script is broken, full of errors and bugs and the author does not respond nor want to support in fixing the issue or updating the code.

I’ve reached out to Envato support, no feedback from them too. What should I do?

Unfortunately you will need to wait for envato support to get back to you, as they are the only people who will be able to help address this