Why Seller not support, why envato show us 6 months support

I purchased 10+ product on codecanyon, as well as elements envato account.

“We cannot provide support if the error doesn’t exist on our end. Also, this item is not supported as per Envato policies. If there is any issue in the source code that exists on our end we can provide assistance in that matter.”

same line from lot’s of seller. So Why waste money on codecanyon.

simply add 1 line for every customer- Don’t buy this script if you don’t have knowledge of this coding because seller not support.

Issues regarding to third party software and custom modifications are not covered by “support” as well as if you have purchased the item on Element, the author is not entitled to provide it, too. You need to purchase the item from the CodeCanyon if you need support

not 3rd party, seller not support own script as per envato support policies.

already purchased codecanyon script with purchased code.

Is the item listed as supported? Authors do not have to support items as long as they declare the item as not under the support tab

6 month support available with script and normally If author not support for complete website so who will help??

few sellers are always available for instant help but 2-3 author reply- we can’t help as per envato policies (on purchased license from codecanyon)

What item is it? What is wrong with it?

they can’t claim it would be against envato policies unless the issue is either not related to their script or they have declared the item unsupported on the item page

can’t share author details now, because waiting for author’s reply.

It’s impossible to comment without clarity on the item and issue but if they are not able to provide info on why the request breaches envato’s policy then you can contact envato themselves Envato Market Help and Support