Why doesn't envato enforce the developers to provide correct documentation and support?

Many authors in codecanyon do not provide direct support through codecanyon, they have their own support url. which also has paid support, that will be answered soon. Is this why we need to pay in codecanyon for scripts?. If codecanyon will not guarantee us our support, why should we even buy it here?, can we not just directly buy the scripts from the developer’s website?
And There should be an option for Downvoting the scripts that developers do not provide good support, if too much of downvoting happens, then all those who purchased from the developer should be refunded by the developer.
A good safety for codecanyon in this case would be, is, Only if the downvoting % is less than 50, then the sales amount should be paid to the developer by envato, until then the amount should be in hold.

Authors are not entitled to provide support for the items. Although, most of them are providing the support for the issues that you’re having related to item usage/installation but not for additional features such as modification or others. If your issue is related to item ( installation/set-up ) the information is most likely provided via the documentation.

If the item is supported and if you purchase additional support ( not the 3/6 months with the item purchase - This is another issue related to Envato has changed their advertising conditions, you can refer the forum, it’s been discussed already at many threads ) and you couldn’t get the support, you can ask for the refund ( additional support if it’s been purchased )

The support I mentioned is for the script to work, not customization. I never mentioned customization or set up. Just a decent documentation should be enough, which many developers do not.

Do you mean the installation?

if we do exactly by the documentation, the script doesn’t work.
So this should come under quality control right?

@brvnbld As a codecanyon author , I can try to give a hint regarding “script doesn’t work” issue.
Example of a PHP item
As there are about 20 popular hosting environments/stacks like CentOS, LAMPP, Nginx etc to run PHP apps.

When the server administrators customise these stacks than it became N number of stacks with N settings possibilities so the item does not work on your server while working on developers system.
You can ask about the recommended stack with settings to the developer, I think they will happy to assist you.
It is already mentioned by Envato that author is not liable for the software hosting environments.

Stay Safe!

It’s not possible for envato to police thousands of authors and items that they own no copyright to.

If there is genuine issues with an item or support that an author says they provide and for whatever reason it is not the case then you can reach out to envato who will investigate and possibly refund. Envato Market Help and Support

I can understand what you are trying to say.
But the problem is not that., The developer didn’t gives us the actual files at first.
After analysing the code, I commented on the product page, that a file is missing, only then they released the file. Until then , the developer was just saying we are not doing by the documentation.
BTW, it’s not just me, but 90% of the buyers of that script had the same issue.

Money doesn’t matter here, Am not bothered about refund, I said refund, because only then there will be quality products. We cannot police all the items and authors. But Envato can impose a general rule to improve the quality of products it allows in it’s market.

This is a concerning issue and one that Envato doesn’t ignore. If the author fails to provide a working file, you can report them to Envato Market Help and Support . This will lead to the author’s item being investigated.

Envato cannot enforce anything on authors except for the existing policies, one of which is that a product must work as advertised, failing to do so will get the product disabled and you will get a refund.

I also agree with @UltimateKode here since there can be issues in time with products, and authors must update their products or the latter will apply.

Get in touch with Envato Support, they’ll investigate this claim and take the appropriate action.

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