Code Authors Giving Out Skype and Email for Support Instead of Envato network support platform

What do you think of code authors giving out skype and email addresses to their customer for support instead of using Envato customer support platform?!

Just today, I received a message from a code author via skype complaining why I post their PHP script/code issues on CodeCanyon. I’ve added them on Skype previously and send them direct messages of the issues and they were fast to fix the issues. Then one day, I’ve messaged them and didn’t get a response from them so, I posted the same issues of the script on CodeCanyon. Suddenly I got a message via Skype of the code author complaining and asking me for my intention of posting it on codecanyon. I am not sure what they are complaining about because I have even given them 5 stars for their support.

When I told him that I’m taking snapshots of our conversation in Skype because he was already being rude, he toned down and now he’s fixing my other concerns on their script.

Anyway, my point is, it must be required by Envato to have all support concerns and issues on their platform. That will be useful for other customers experiencing the same issues of their script. They don’t have to deal with it every single time for each client. It’s a win-win.

Envato don’t offer official support functionality for authors.

They couldn’t use item comments because of the need for often giving access details and while most authors have their own support forums (not envato owned) or some ask users to send messages via their envato profile but either way the end result is off network and no different from them giving out their Skype contact.

I agree with you that it would be better for these conversations to be as transparent as possible, and actually there’s a bigger problem with authors not even bothering to always reply or support items that they are supposed to.

However until envato are able to offer (and enforce) a unified solution (which is unlikely given that they don’t don’t the copyright etc.) there’s no way around it.

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Envato support system is only a comments board, it’s too simple for force all authors to use it.