I sent an author a support request through the Envato support system a week ago but have not heard back heard back

Hi, there- Trying to get in touch with an author in CodeCanyon for support. I sent him a message through the Support page in CodeCanyon a week ago but haven’t heard back. I’d like to send a follow up and I’m looking for a history so I can send it as a forward with my previous message attached but I can’t find a history anywhere.

Alternately, how do we go about getting support from an author who is not replying?



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Did you send it to envato or to the authors own support pages?

What’s the item link?

Thanks for the reply. I sent the request through the Envato Support tab on the item. Clicked the big Contact Author button and filled out the form. Here’s the support tab on the product:

That’s the right route to use so if you are not getting a response then you can ask envato

Envato Market Help and Support