What happens when you buy support and they do not reply?

I bought this plugin and support and the author is not supporting it. What do I do?

Open a Help ticket . Envato Support will be happy to help. Thanks!

Hey there. Once you purchased an item from any marketplace that advertises support you must receive 6 month support after the moment of purchase.

If the author however does not provide support or/and the item has bugs you are fully entitled to a refund.

To get a refund, simply open A Refund Request Here. Please keep in mind that this will be forward to the author for Accepting or Rejecting. If the author however rejects the refund, as per your description you can dispute the Refund Request using the link in the refund message. This will be forwarded and analyzed by Envato Staff.

Considering the author is not fulfilling his support requirements, you will be refunded by Envato if the author rejects it.