I have purchased a script but my author is not replying to support tickets


I have purchased an email verifying script and follow the documentation and got some problems so I terminated the server and got a new one but when I placed my key of the script in the new server it got rejected. I have contacted the script author 28 days ago but he/she is not replying and I don’t seeing any help desk from envanto to take action please advise what I do?


With your issue, expect nothing if your seller was dishonest. Yet your license is valid according to their licenses rules. I think this envato marketplace misses key element. How can it be that after a certain purchase a customer can not get refund in case the product does not meet requirements or is different from what the seller says? I am still reading across this platform and I am afraid this market place is full of dishonest sellers.

Hello @samabid220

Be aware that some authors can choose to not offer support for some of their items. To make sure the item you’ve purchased is supported, please check out the “Support” tab on the homepage of the item.

If it says “supported” and the time for a response mentioned by the author there passed, then you are entitled to a refund. Please see this Help Center article on how to request a refund:

@ujwanviera please take a look over Envato’s refund policy here-> Refund Policy for Customers | ThemeForest . If the item is falsely advertised or doesn’t work the way it should then the customer can request a refund.

Yes, I have the support for the product. I don’t understand the refund policy as it goes to the author nor to the middle man of this platform why is that? what’s the point of the request as he/she just ignore it again.

I can understand your frustration, however I would kindly ask you to read the first article I’ve sent → Can I get a refund

It clearly states that the refund request can be sent to Envato as well. The procedure is simple: First you send the request to the author because you’ve purchased a product from them. If the author doesn’t respond in 7 days, you can open a ticket to Envato (you can find the link in the same article). The team will be more than happy to help you, there’s no need to worry :blush:

If an author is dis-honest and is not helping you out then file a complaint at Envato