Please I got a script and its more than a week I have not been able to use it I have requested for refund and getting declined still waiting for Envanto on dispute management how do I fast-track this as its becoming worrisome. its not fair you get a script and unable to use it and the author knows the script has bug and its allowed to be on the market place. is there no way Envanto can do more vetting before an item is put out there for public to buy cause its so disappointing

You have put the refund request to dispute now the Envato team will investigate it thoroughly and will take steps as necessary. Dispute processing takes some time because Envato has to check/investigate it thoroughly.

Envato Quality team checks each item and only gets approved when it passes the quality standard otherwise receives a hard rejection. If any item falls in any bugs (after the item’s updated version is published) and got reported directly to Envato then Envato will check it with the author.


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Thanks hopefully i get refund cause i am still unable to use the script and the author is still not approving my refunds