Asked for refund, how long I have to wait more.

Evato refund police says 3 months for item not downloaded, broken buggly script etc.
When I can get my refund it close to 1 moth which I have asked for?
I’m not happy !!! I bought a script on codecanyon and have not download it, script is broken with many buggly which many customers has repported on comments area.

1- already have contacted author on comments area and author website support and asked for a refund but it all ignored with no responce.
2- already contacted evato help center for refund and uploaded files and explained what’s going on with the script author.
3- Evato help center repplyed to me after many days to contact the author first which it has been done many times.
4- Evato help center are reviewing the case. How long the review gonna last for a simple refund?

You have to request a refund through the official process, rather than via support or the comments…

…then if the author doesn’t respond, everything is logged, so you can then contact Envato support and they’ll resolve the issue.

  I started with:

1- Asked refund on the comments area and website support of Author.
2- Contacted envato help for a refund, they told me to contact the author first which I did it again.
3- Envato help refund request dispute and explained the issues I’m having.
4- Envato help replied to me asking me to contact author again.
5- Alread contacted the author many times, and have a refund dispute with envat help, I just want my money back

It is not the right place to ask for refund. You have to request a refund here.

If you already requested for refund using the refund request form (provided link above) and the author didn’t reply within 7 days, you will be given an option to raise a dispute with Envato. This option should appear automatically as a link or button on the refund request details page after 7 days from the refund requested date.

After submit dispute envato will investigate the refund request and will take steps as necessary. Dispute processing can take some more days because in this case envato have to investigate the request.


I did all the steps necessary, contacted author, contacted envato help, already filled refund request dispute. I’m 1- month trying to get my refund through Author and envato help.

what was the last reply from Envato support?

Today Jan 27 from envat help.