I purchased this certain script, but it’s not working, it’s buggy full of errors and the author is rude, he’s not responding to my inquiries, there is no support provided on the same. Am dissatisfied and disappointed the script does not work as described.

I’ve managed to write to ENVATO requesting my refund but they are not replying BAck to my request too. What should I do? Do I engage my legal team to take care of this issue? Because this is now seeming to be a FRAUD case from ENVATO together with the Author!!!

If you have contacted Envato, you need to wait for their reply. Due to high volume of enquiries, they are taking some time to reply to the enquiries. Be patient. I am sure Envato will give some update regarding the issues

at the movement the envato supports reply can take more than week to give reply. ill suggest to wait for there reply.
if you want to get refund then you can apply for refund from here -