Author Refusing to Provide Support Unless I Break My Production Site

This is about Shortcode Cleaner Pro Wordpress plugin.

First I contacted the author via his private system via envato.

Result - ignored for days

Then, I contacted the author via the comments section on the plugin.

Result - ignored for days

Then I requested a refund via the envato platform

Result - author contacts me requests username / pwd to my website, which I can’t provide because like millions of people on the internet I develop using an offline lamp environment… not my live production site.

Then, author says that he can only provide support for online sites via username / pwd (this policy was stated condition of support at the time of purchase.)

Result - Author refuses to provide any troubleshooting / testing… and simply claims the plugnin works for other people.

Clearly, this is not an acceptable response. Can someone show me how to “raise a dispute” to get my money back… or should I just directly complain to my bank?

Hey there @TSTP, we’re incredibly sorry to hear you’ve had issues with an author to this extent, but rest assured, Envato Support is here to investigate any such claims and take swift action. Please open a support ticket via Envato Market Help and Support and the matter will be investigated. Cheers! :slight_smile:

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