Soft rejected for being updated LOL

Recently, one of our Laravel projects has been soft rejected because our script needs PHP 8 and the reviewer is suggesting us to make it PHP 7.3 compatible. He also said that, lots of the host only provides PHP 7 plus.

I’ve many servers which are providing PHP 8 version. I talked with my friends and some developers, they also have hosting with PHP 8. Even in my local machine the LAMPP is also PHP 8.

However, I tried to downgrade my LAMPP but unfortunately the removed the 7.3 version because this is too much older. Then I visited the official PHP site they said PHP 7.3 is no longer supported and we should upgrade to the latest version to prevent security issues.

Moreover, the latest version of Laravel is requires PHP 8 version.

I don’t understand why Envato reviewers are using a deprecated version of PHP and why they are forcing people to use older script which might have security issues.

In this circumstance, what should we do now?

I think reviewer not telling to make your php version downgrade just need to make compatible with PHP 7.3. It means your script should run with both PHP 7.3 to PHP 8.x

If you are using Laravel 9.x then you can let the reviewer know (In Comments) that Laravel 9.x server requirements: PHP >= 8.0


Some of the hosting provider still not updated php version to 8.x, they still provide 7.x versions only.

1- Most PHP frameworks do not work well on shared hosting… Recommended using VPS/Clouds because you will need some system packages like Nodejs / Nginx / Composer and more.

2- Security and Performance are the biggest downsides and also the biggest concerns in shared hosting with the Laravel framework