Are you still coding for legacy versions of PHP (<PHP 7)?

It seems like a hard decision for me to make. On the one hand, I want to use the latest version of PHP and keep my apps up-to-date using the latest practises. But I’m still finding a huge amount of my customers use shared hosting which have PHP versions 5.4 etc. I don’t want to alienate an already shrinking marketplace of users by saying we only support 7. For the most part, if you make an app for PHP 5.4 it will work for PHP 7+.

Any thoughts or considerations on this topic?

Affirmative! Nearly half of my buyers (or at least those with usage reporting enabled) are running on 5.6. I have been raising my minimum versions very slowly (from 5.4 to 5.6 in two years), but I am certainly hesitant to raise it further given how large that number is. It could vary depending on the category you are selling in.

I personally no longer am interested in supporting 5.4 and 5.5 – the percentage of my buyers who ran those was under 5% and they seemed to have no issues upgrading… but 5.6 is another story.


I am still intetested to code for php 5.6 because there are many website running on php 5.6. But when about any cms/mvc/framework then the best choice to code on php 7.x but have to consider php 5.6 compatibility.

Personally I’ve moved on from PHP 5.x, and all my products now require PHP 7 or higher to run. Not only that you can take advantage of the new features of PHP 7, but PHP 7 is also faster than PHP 5, benefiting the buyers in the first place.

Most of the shared hosts already support PHP 7 - while on the VPS and Dedicated ones can be easily upgradable, so I don’t see why would that be a problem. Personally I haven’t encountered much issues, and those who ran on PHP 5.x were able to upgrade their PHP version very easily.


I use CodeIgniter v3 or mvc framework for php 5.x.
For php 7.x best is Laravel.