New item using 7.4

Since PHP 7.4 Security Support has ended. what could happen If a new item were submitted on codecanyon using PHP 7.4?

It would really depend on the servers where scripts were being installed. Most servers offer clients the option of using various branches of the PHP versions, and whilst some may provide PHP 8.0, users hosting with various servers might have the option to use older versions of PHP.

PHP Version Updates
Over the years we have seen updates on PHP, and in most cases, this does not always present a problem because authors tend to keep their scripts updated, or hosting providers do not force users to run the latest PHP version.

PHP 8.0 is a major update of the PHP language. It contains many new features and optimisations, which bring enhanced security and performance. This does also mean that it increases the likelihood of issues resulting from broken backwards compatibility.

Ideally you should always be aiming to keep your scripts updated, and in line with changes so you are offering your clients the best and safest option.

Does it mean new app submissions should support PHP v7.4? or can we move to PHP v8.0+?
Please help us to understand it.
Thank you


From what I understand Envato does not enforce these requirements on authors or apps, BUT it would be useful for authors to consider how PHP versions are changing, and try to meet the needs of the buyer when it comes to security.

PHP Version

Themes must work with the latest release of PHP. There is no required minimum supported version of PHP, but:

The decision on which versions to support should be made with the stats in mind.
The requirements should be made clear to customers, so as to avoid dissatisfaction.

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Yes, It means new app submissions using PHP 7.4. Will it be okay to submit a new application using this version?

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I understand. Thank you so much for your suggestions.

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