Envato plugin supports latest version of PHP?

Hello guys,

I need to update my site’s PHP to a newer version, so I would like to know what PHP version your plugin supports.
Wordpress is recommending a minimum version of 7.4. Does your plugin support this version?


web hosting server php version should keep uptodate and at least PHP 7.x.x but if you mean any specific plugin compatibility with PHP version then you should ask these query directly to the plugin author by posting comments going through the plugin Comments page. The plugin author will answer your query.


Hello mgcoder,

But the author of the Envato plugin is you, correct? That’s why I asked you if this plugin is compatible with PHP 7.4 as well as PHP 8.

Hi @rodrigocarlos,

I don’t know the plugin you are concerned but my all PHP and WordPress items are compatible with PHP 7 & 8. Please can you directly contact the plugin author and ask them about the compatibility.

How to contact an author to get support for any Item issue or for any technical query:

Note: If you mean Envato Market WordPress Plugin. This plugin helps customers receive updates to their premium WordPress Themes & Plugins purchased through Envato Market (ThemeForest & CodeCanyon). Then please note Envato Market WordPress Plugin is compatible with PHP 7.x.x


Many themes sold on ThemeForest come bundled with premium plugins from during your support period; Are updated when a new version of the supports latest version of PHP.


The Envato plugin author page is this: https://www.envato.com/lp/market-plugin/

As you can see, on this page there is no place to get in touch.

You can ask here Envato Market Help and Support

Thank you!