what to do if author does not update php version of code

link - Ultimate Live Wallpapers Application (GIF/Video/Image) by virmana | CodeCanyon

I bought this code in 2021 since then only PHP 7 version is being used in this code

How many times have I told the author to update php 8 version but he is not doing it

Are you sure that it doesn’t work on PHP 8? Most older code will work fine. If it doesn’t work and you aren’t able to hire a developer to make the necessary upgrades, then you will need to remain on PHP 7 for that particular project.

According to the item page, it’s not required to have/compatible with PHP8. If you want to use it with 8+, you will have to hire a freelancer


  • PHP Vertsion 5.6/5.8/7.0
  • Apache server
  • MySQL Database