Skrill, Payoneer and Is payoneer a scam ?

Possibly. I use PayPal, so I wouldn’t really know. Hope you get it sorted though.

I wish if paypal is available here

At last I could get my money today, It’s after one month, but it’s ok, Thanks every one for supporting here, and thanking payoneer also for re processing my money. I’m happy :slight_smile:

You can contact payoneer Live chat if you face problem in future I am using payoneer since 5 years and I never got problem.

Yes you are right. Payoneer are scam. After eight years of cooperation, they blocked my account without explaining the reasons. I honestly worked on musicstocks, and just received money. Nothing that could break the rules, but I was accused of fraud, and now I do not have the opportunity to make money on some sites. And I know that many authors have similar problems. Be careful with Pioneer.