Skrill, Payoneer and Is payoneer a scam ?

I used payoneer for years and had no problems but for the last withdrawal I still didn’t get the money for more than 7 days now, and the local bank said the transaction is cancelled and returned. Global forums point out that payoneer is a scam and this kind of things had happened to many people. I’m scared on what happened to my money, and Skill says “Please be aware that we no longer accept bank-wire deposits or facilitate bank-wire withdrawals in US dollars.” That means I cant get it withdrawan the next month funds to Skrill also ?

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I have been using Payoneer for last 2 years never had any issue with bank transfer. I think you should contact customer support they will help you. Dont worry payoneer is not a scam.


I tried to contact over facebook also, but they are not responding, Many people have faced similar problems as I searched google, that’s the main fear I’m having. I have to pay my doctor for the blood reports, electricity bills, Internet bills, and many more :frowning:

And by the way I was using payoneer since 2012, and people who face problems say that they were also using the service for such a time and problems are occuring since last two months

Payoneer is not a scam for sure. They are here and they will be still here even after 20 years.


Fifteen years is a bit of a long game if it is a scam. But didn’t you get in touch with them and they told you you’d get the money on Friday (i.e. today)? There’s still a lot of Friday left to go in most of the world.

Where is Nissim payoneeer ? I sent him emails also still no replies… why so many complaints on their facebook account ? I’m frightened , This is the only income I’m having… I’m really really scared

Yes, Friday is not finished for most of the countries, but my bank said the transaction was cancelled and returned yesterday, That’s the problem I’m having

Waiting is ok friend, but how it says the transaction is cancelled and returned ? what that means ? That’s why I’m scared…

Did you get your money successfully in the bank account this month ? Am I the only one who faces this problem this month ? :frowning:

Because people rarely go out of their way to spread the news on how well a company is doing for them. If something goes wrong, people are rightly angry… and they want to know what’s going on, they want to complain, they want to see if anyone is in the same boat as them. Did you post positive comments on their Facebook page over the last fifteen years you’ve been using them without incident?

No, frankly they take some money for their service and for that’s what we pay them, and it’s our money we earned with big efforts waiting on review qeue so and so… waiting till we finish our work, then waiting till it get approved, and waiting till it make some sales, and waiting till envato processes money and now finally have to wait till it reaches the account, and it’s not just waiting waiting without a confirmation of deposition. Is this frank ? Is this how a financial company treats our hard earned money ?

Yes I transferred money this month from my payoneer account to my local bank. I dont think you will get a reply on facebook. Contact them from their website. Note their timings according to your country, and then contact them.

You’ve lost me… I thought your issue was with Payoneer not sending money to you bank? Everything you’ve listed above relates to Envato, when Envato have done nothing wrong in this instance… unless I’m missing something?

Envato is with everything right in this case, and I forgot to say that you asked whether you asked me if I wouldnt make any positive comments in payoneer facebok when they are all ok, frankly I didn;t but in 2014 I was a lecturer on online money making here and 250 of students got registered on payoneer as I promoted it

And a good portion of those bad reviews on the Facebook page would have already been there back in 2014.

I found payoneer facebook page when I was lost in finding a way of getting a help as nissim and no one else who supported on forum those days on payoneer are unavailable on forums. and Still They are not helping me… I’m lost and hopeless with my hard earned money

Keep at it, they’ve got to sort it sooner or later.

I’m in a so called 3rd world country, but people here are far more responsible for every and each cent and rupee of people that they are depositing or investing in financial organizations. I’m a person who was believing 10 times higher on USA than my country on taking responsibilities and quality of service, but now I’m disappointed

Financial organizations in 3rd world countries are much more better than in developed countries ?