Skrill will stop working with Turkey!!!

Again after paypal, Skrill is Down also. Because of devil politicians works in Turkey.
My advice is only we have Payoneer. I am just talking to all Turkish Authors, just get in to Payoneer and get your payment to payoneer. We dont have any alternatives anymore untill the Devils will make a new agreement with skrill and paypal in the future.
Payoneer is the only one. And dont forget to get a mastercard from payoneer, If you get it, then you can take your money from any of ATM machine on the world without waiting to transfere it to your bank.



How do you know? Also skrill is the worst alternative in the payment gateways. I lost 700 tl beacuse of skrill exchanges.

ı understand. The best way is Payoneer, but I am also non exclusive author in here and I ve got many accounts on the internet in different websites and some of them dont have payoneer, they are using only skrill and they sent me email that skrill will not work with turkey anymore and started next month. I am really panic now. But they also said that they can add payoneer in the near future. This makes me happy. I agree with you, Skrill is not good enough but ther withdraw speed is the best. I withdraw my money in the morning, and in the afternoon of the same day, I saw it in my bank account. I was surprised but also disapponted cause they took so much commission and also sent the money as euro, I also lost so much money in exchange to Turkish liras. Skrill is sending money fast but you are loosing too much money in this transaction. I dont like skrill too but some of websites only use skrill and it is gone now. I am so unhappy of that position. This is the only revenue I have and I will be in trouble as an economical way. This job is freedom for all of us and it is getting harder and harder to work with passion in here.

I do not know how in Turkey, but in Ukraine (Pai Pal is also not working), I send the money to the card Visa (3-5 days for Ukrainian bank) and the commission per transaction from Skrill - my bank is 3.5 dollars for any transfer. If I transfer to the bank account transfer via Swift (3-5 days), then in this case, I really would a huge amount of percent ( for 500 dollars - 50 $ - only percent)

Hi, payoneer recently introduced transferring of payment right into your bank account and exchange rate is awesome and speed is super fast just takes 1 day. So i would say payoneer is the best option in countries where paypal is not working. Because you just have to pay $25 for yearly activation of card. :slight_smile: