Please Help!!!! Envato!!! Paypal is not working now with Turkey



Please Help!!! Envato!!! Paypal is not working now with Turkey What can wer do!
Paypal says they dont serve to Turkey anymore beacause they cannot get an agreement with turkey government. I dont understand why but this makes me panic. What can we do?


Hi okanakdeniz

The only thing you can do now is to switch to other payment option.We also had that problem in my country and i suggest you to pick payoneer or skrill (i think skrill is not recomended now because some extra charges)
If you pick Payoneer, you can withdrawl money from any ATM in the world and currency exchange goes via Master Card and it’s fixed.There are small fees for ATM use but it’s not big…
I hope it helps!


sire, it really heps me thanks a lot. Skrill is I think much better for me cause I have a non exclusive account too and I added my stuff also to 11 web sites. most of then accepts skrill that is why I think I have to work with skrill. And I think I have to do it urgently. Cause of tomorrow the last day. :slight_smile: it is also like paypal isnt it? I mean we are giving email adress right? Not id number of skrill, but email.


Yes, it’s all connected to email, you add it, verify and that’s it :slight_smile:
Glad i helped!


Kötü oldu bu iş ya


Just published an article to help sellers affected by PayPal closure:
PayPal Turkey Closing — PROBLEM and SOLUTION for Turkish Sellers