Received Dollar From Envato Today :) I am Lucky :D

Surprise! Today i received $ from envato :). My partner requested yesterday and i received the $ today. How is it possible? May be i am lucky :smiley: :smiley:

Envato Pty Ltd sent you $****.00 USD

Transaction ID: 68M19*************
Dear ******* ***********

Just thought you’d like to know Envato Pty Ltd sent you $****.00 USD.

Note from sender, Envato Pty Ltd:
Envato Express Member Payment

Get the details
Once you’ve received payment you can:
Withdraw it to your bank account or request a cheque (takes about four to six working days).
Don’t see the money in your account?

Don’t worry — sometimes it just takes a few minutes for it to show up.

Sender Information

Envato Pty Ltd

Yours sincerely,

Congrats :slight_smile: Party party party !!!

haha :smiley: Cheers

Paypal has announced on its Turkish site that from June 6th, 2016, they will stop their activities in Turkey and funds will no longer be able to be received into or paid out of Turkish Paypal accounts.

There was a withdrawal request you had already lodged in envato market to be paid out on June 15, 2016 to Paypal. As your billing address is from Turkey, in case your Paypal account is a Turkish, we processed your payment today.

If your Paypal account is from Turkey, for future withdrawals you will need to use an account with Skrill, Payoneer, or use a swift withdrawal for larger amounts.


Awesome mate, Hope envato will process this same method for all authors soon :wink: