Anyone had a paypal withdrawal denied before? (Oct 2017)

Hey guys,

So most of you know about the skrill option getting scrapped, and for now authors have to choose between paypal, payoneer or swift. I used to depend on skrill, but like many others, I had to move my withdrawal method to Elon Musk’s bless to the world that is paypal. I setup a withdrawal for this month, and played the waiting game as usual.

On the 16th, i received a payment notice in my PP account. But was told that the money is being held under review. That was strange but i thought sure, i’ll wait a couple more days. Only to get a message 2 days later that the payment has been denied!

Paypal support said it was the super hyper T-1000 class semi-automatic security system denying certain transactions, to protect the buyer. And they can’t do anything about it nor can i.
That’s when i took to the help desk, thinking of getting, you know, help. This was what i received today:

Thank you for writing back, Abdelrahman. The earning were already returned to your account. As much as we want to help about this, you’ll need to wait for next month’s withdrawal as this unforeseen incident is not caused by us.

Yeah! so basically i should just suck it up and wait till next month!
You know how much I love to live in a world where bills can be simply averted to next month, but unfortunately this isn’t the situation. And what happens when i get another “payment denied” next month, should i have to wait till the month after that as well?
I’m just venting to see if someone had a similar issue before, and how they got around to resolve it. I’d love to hear from anyone with similar experience, as I’m new to paypal unfortunately, and was wondering if this is the norm.

Hi, has your issue been resolve? Status at first is complete i thought i could withdraw my money after a long wait then suddenly i got this below msg so it returned back to my paypal account again then they charged it again. i only have a very small amount of money there…as in a very small amount then they keep on charging it… please help me… i am looking for someone with the same issue.
I received an email:
An electronic funds transfer from your PayPal account to your bank account was rejected today for this reason:

Invalid Bank Account Information

Our system was not able to process the transaction with the bank information listed on your account. You should contact your bank regarding the bank account information required for electronic funds transfers. If you still need assistance, you may email us through our secure server at

please help me if with this. Appreciate your response. Thank you very much.

Hi @kathsulit28 - this is not a forum for PayPal and the original post was talking about withdrawing from Envato to their PayPal account.

You should contact PayPal support or go to the PayPal community forums.