Is Payoneer a reliable payout method? [Spoiler: nope]

Hello everyone,
Many of us are using Payoneer as a primary payout method.
But did you know that occasionally Payoneer would be glad to block your card sending you an email like this:

We have received information that indicates a possible breach of security with regard to your Payoneer card. As a safety measure we have closed your current Payoneer card to prevent potential abuse.

We are aware that there are ATM skimming devices located on various ATMs in Kiev – if there is a specific ATM that you tend to use, please try to use other ATMs, since this one might be compromised, and as long as you use the compromised ATM, your card details might be stolen.

The funny part is I have not used ATMs in Kiev for many month because of extremely high currency conversion fees.

I contacted the Payoneer support and they seem to agree to unlock the card. But after numerous confirmations, identity verifications, promisses and other stuff they just stopped responding emails.

There you have it. You are travelling the world; you have over $6000 on a card; card is suddenly locked; zero response from Payoneer. Wanna feel how it’s like being in these shoes - keep using Payoneer :wink:

Hope this was informative and useful for the community.

Kindest regards,
Miroslav (from Dream Theme)

Hopefully they will resolve this fast ; I am sure that you’ll get your money. When this happened (how many days it’s been)? @Nissim_Payoneer Any response on this please?

@Dream_Theme please also update this thread if you receive any news from Payoneer. Thanks a lot for posting about this.

Used the Payoneer card while traveling in 3 different countries now, used ATMs in all of them, plus my country. Never had an issue. When pulling a bigger amount from an ATM, never my card has been blocked. I’ve always received an email asking me to confirm or infirm that it was me doing the transaction, that’s all. And when - by my own stupidity - I’ve lost the card, the support have bent back and forward helping me to shut it down in a matter of minutes and provided a new one way under the proposed deadline.

Not trying to advertise for Payoneer, definitely. Just saying that different people might have different experiences. Who knows, maybe you’ve reached a not so professional support agent. Also, it might be helpful in these situation to just give them a call rather than wasting valuable time and nerves on emails.

Hope you sort your issue quick and as painless as possible, I know it can be a bitch having your funds stuck.


Wow Miroslav, that sounds like a horror movie, specially if you are travelling or away from home. Thanks for sharing this. Sadly, there are Envato users that doesnt have another option to get their money (not because of Envato, country or bank issues) so this are not good news. :frowning: Hope it solves quickly

3-4 days ago. Funniest part is they just stopped answering emails.

Yeah, I though I can rely on them too. Seemed like a perfect solution for journeys. Not anymore. I’ve read on the internet that such card locks are not uncommon for Payoneer nowadays.

So I guess my advice to everyone would be to cash out their Payoneer cards and avoid using them in the future. It’s not funny to find yourself with locked card :slight_smile:

Hi friend, also here is Nissim’s Twitter account, maybe try that one too with email?

Yeah, thanks! This may solve the problem for me, but I also want other people be warned against such unpleasant situations.

Ok :blush: - Don’t forget to update us friend. Hope they solve it very quickly and I am sure that they will.

I use payoneer service as my primary payment method… I hope nothing bad come to me…

Just give them a call, they have great support…No way they wouldn’t handle this issue for you!
Chatting and emailing with them is slow and painful… :smile:

Update on December 12th, 2015. No reaction from Payoneer.

That’s strange, they used to be very professional. I too had to confirm many things (identity) and everything was fast and very responsive. This might be a special isolated case probably.

Hope it’ll eventually solve and you get to decide if you consider continuing using them.

That sucks!

I have been using Payoneer for several years now as well and have nothing but good things to say about the service itself and the customer support I have received. I was in the unfortunate position to, somehow, have my credit card info stolen after which someone used my entire card balance to buy all sorts of stuff online; quite terrifying to be honest. I right away rang up Payoneer in the US and after identifying myself they quickly proceeded to block my card and right away send me a new one (which arrived on the other side of the world in about a week). After two or three days, I had my balance restored. All in all, they handled the situation very professionally.

These security measures are in place for a reason and although it sucks to be on the wrong site of those measures, I for one am glad they’re in place to begin with.

Since you mention they have stopped responding to emails, have you tried calling them? I have found email responses to be rather slow as well and had much better support either over the phone or through their live chat.

Either way, I sure hope you get this matter resolved asap!

I’m using payoneer for almost an year…

I’m using the direct bank transfer method. So no need to worry about the card :smile:

However it works great until you tried to login to their website. It sucks. Each time they will lock the account and you have to email them to unlock. Worst UX. They ask for Username but its actually the Email ID we need to enter. Took me few lock-out to know that.

If possible, I suggest you to keep Direct bank Transfer. So it will all happen automatically in the background. In India, I get it on my bank account almost same day between 11 AM - 3 PM (except its a holiday / weekend)


Using Payoneer from long time and faced no issues so far. But yes I have never used their card, only bank transfer. They process payments really quickly. Low fees and quick payments… I just love it. :slight_smile:

Hi Dream_Theme, My name is Sivan and I’m part of the Payoneer team. I’m sorry to learn about your issue with Payoneer. I would love to look into it personally, can you please send me your reference number and email address so I can contact you directly?


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@Dream_Theme ^^^^

Hello Sivan,
151208-002418, 151208-002835, 151208-001290.
Will provide my email in PM.

Issue was resolved by an extremely helpful live chat manager, Alina. Previous live chat manager service level and email support were rubbish.

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