Is Payoneer any more Reliable for withdrawals?

I have been using payoneer since more than 10 months and never faced any payment related issues earlier. But since last 2 monthly withdrawals, the payments are being delayed ridiculously without any information or official notice.

The payments are unnecessarily marked as cancelled and when contacting the support center they just copy paste their pathetic chat messages to avoid the situation.

My payments for this month are again delayed and its been 9 days already, the money has not arrived in my bank account yet. I have contacted their support center 3 times already, but every time i am asked to wait for response from financial department.

This is getting absolutely unprofessional now from Payoneer and i am not willing to use it again.

Guys, is anyone facing the similar issue for last month payments and found anyway to get it resolved?

thank you

I am also using payoneer from last 1 year almost. I transferred funds to my bank account on 6/10/16 and payoneer took 4 days for that.

i never faced any problem with payoneer, very reliable.

I never faced before too. But since 2 months i am facing things with payoneer, which i never faced before. They are delaying payments and not responding properly either.

For me too Payoneer had very good impression earlier, but now doubting to use again.