Payoneer payment delay for indian authors

Hi folks,

Payoneer fail to send payments to indian authors, Does any of you facing same problem?. I have tried to contact payoneer regarding this issue but the officials not even reply for my emails from past one week.

Yes I am also not received them.

There are no official answer form payoneer about the issue.

They are Blaming Our Banks :smiley:

Yes, waiting patiently so far but the patience is getting thinner and thinner. There is no official announcement. Atleast they should inform the authors regarding the situation rather than we finding ourselves.

Money used to get credited the same day but this month it has crossed 6 days. Maybe @Sivan_Payoneer is still on the forums and we can get an official response.

Just recieved a call from Payoneer. They say money will be credited by Friday. I will update on Friday.

Even in olden days i have faced the same problem with paypal, but they send an official email regarding the payment delay so that we can stay calm, but in payoneer case they won’t open the mouth, its worst behaviour :pensive:

Update: Just received the payment from Payoneer in my bank account.

Hope you all get it by today or tomorrow.

Hi guys,
First of all, thank you for voicing your concerns and sharing your feedback with us.
We are aware of the issue and our team is working to solve the issue as a top priority.

While we trust the issue will be resolved shortly, our team will be trying to reach out to communicate with you directly.
We deeply apologize for any inconvenience caused to you, and we’re here to address any of your concerns.

@templatin that’s great!

@Sivan_Payoneer thanks for responding!

Payoneer is giving us compensation amount (from $25 to $100) which is great. And today I did receive the compensation amount in my bank but the main amount is still pending. Funny thing is that $100 compensation was transferred a day after the main amount and it got credited the same day. But the main amount is still pending. I think it should get credited by tomorrow. I will keep everyone updated.

Same here as Gautam Thapar ,

I did received compensation yesterday but the main amount is still not credited. What is going on ? @Sivan_Payoneer

The 48 hours window is over and I am still waiting for my money. :frowning:

@Sivan_Payoneer what’s going on?


I transferred on 15 the Oct 2016 using payoneer, Still i haven’t got a money in my Bank, Most frustrating is i have no way to contact payoneer, Chat-No access due to higher volume, Indian customer care nos are not working.Any updates how i can resolve this issue?

I have received the payment via Payoneer today morning. So, you should also get it by today or tomorrow.

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It is the 1st time i am using payoneer, Still waiting, It is annoying, their customer service support is bad, I have no clue about the money, What if the money wont get deposited, will they send back to envato?

Payoneer failed to transfer the money to my Bank, Raised support ticket to envato to credit back the fund, Any thoughts @templatin

Did you receive any email from Payoneer stating that money has been transferred to your bank account?

That email contains following details: Payment Amount (in USD), Transfer Fee, Amount Transferred (in INR) and Payment Reference Number.

For tracking your payment, you can provide that Payment Reference Number to Payoneer support.

Facing this issue again.

@Sivan_Payoneer Are you around?

@Sivan_Payoneer is not active on envato forums. Better to contact payoneer directly from their website.