Search engine tests vs new tracks sales


How search engine changes affected sales of your new items? After almost two weeks of test we can share some tendencies.

Tracks sold in march: 132 tracks
New tracks uploaded since 18.03.17: 6
Total sales of those new items: 2 (! ! ! )
Average sales of new items before changes: 3-10 per one new item per two weeks.

So it looks like there is no sense in uploading new tracks until tests are over. Sales of new items are about 20-30 times lower comparing to last months ! This will probably and unfortunately affect visibility of those tracks in next months. So loss will be even bigger. I hope tests will end early next week.

How does it look in your situation?


New tracks uploaded (since 17.03.17) :
13 (:imp: ??? )
Total sales of those new items:

Very very BAD :-1:

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Same here, sales came from old uploaded items :stuck_out_tongue:

It looks like you’re doing really well.
I never sold more than 58 tracks in one month.

Same here, absolutely no sales for the new items…

I thought that low sales on new items was because there is a lot of new items and the sales spread out.

What makes you say there’s been 2 weeks of search engine tests? Search is always changing and being tested. It’s an on going thing.

There are plenty of threads talking about how everything changed since the search test/update/algorithm modification,… spanning for years…

Trying to figure out sales pattern from search engine modification, when you don’t know exactly what’s been modified, when, what scope, nor for how long, is pointless. As results would be inconclusive at best.

I agree it’s very easy to over-interpret personal fluctuations in sales that may well just be random. But we definitely know about some very specific experiments with the default ordering of tracks for buyers who are browsing through different categories, as this was officially announced. Given it means that the default ordering will often not be by newest while the experiments are running it would be very surprising if this didn’t impact on the sales of new items.

You do have a point. This “test” surely does have an impact, and new items may indeed have reduced exposure.

But there are so many other factors. What I mean is that it’s impossible to draw (relevant) conclusions from the sales of a single author (or a few dozens, for that matter).

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Envato made changes in default sorting about/almost 2 weeks ago. It is quite big change. They also announced this in forum. So actually we know exactly what has been changed. Further tests on Market Search / Category / Home pages

I didn’t wanted to judge this change basing only on my sells, which can be random, especially that I am uploading regularly only since January. That’s why I’ve asked other authors about their situation.

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And yes, it is important for me, because I just canceled most of my other music projects, so now Audio Jungle started to be priority for me. I am quite new author and I’m building my portfolio right now. Most of my sales where from new tracks. So this kind of changes makes me feel very insecure, because I don’t have too many old tracks, which have better placing in this tested engine.


Same here.
I’m a very young author here on AJ. The sales was good until this “Test”.
I got 2 approvals in the beggining of the test and those tracks got “0” sales.
Also stastics can’t lie.
Only 10% of newest items(it’s around 400-450 on weekend and 500-600 on working days) get sales in the first day of approval. And those 10% get 1-2 sales.
Just open the popular files and look how much sales did get top authors like PinkZebra and AurusAudio in march.
They have great portfolio,but because of this test search they’ve improved their sales around 30%
From 1000-1200 to 1500-1700 a month.
And it’s no suprise for me that none of top sellers didn’t write a single word about this test.
I wanted to upload more tracks,but there’s no sense in doing that until this madness ends.


Same here. No sales for last uploaded items.

I think it was bad idea to show the old items to the customers. Old bestsellers items become trending and shown in two categories out of three (trending and bestsellers), during newest items drown with a zero sales value.

If I were ENVATO employee - I would stop loading a new items, because they are spend disc space on ENVATO servers and have no sales (newest and Elite authors both).

Buyers do not see the tracks with a new sound. Maybe ENVATO didn’t feel a drop in sales because bestsellers still sold, but new authors, who is the future of audiojungle - remain on the fringe.

P.S. if the rules will not return back - audiojungle may lose development and new authors. Old authors will feed stock by old sound/musical conceptions.

P.P.S. if many sales items will be demonstrated in both categories Best Sellers and Trending Items - Newest items has no chance. Two times less…or less. Hope you will hear me.


And new authors without old and big portfolio but (many of them) with fresh style could move to other stocks… But they will not do this, because those tests will be over early this week, right? :slight_smile:

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i don’t even know other stocks and their value! LOL

Wow, same here. I wasn’t aware of all this. Just 1 or 2 sales for my newest 12 items and the authors I follow seem to be facing the same scenario. It’s sooo disapointing. I’m aware my schedule has been pretty tight lately and my new items are not exactly top notch (far from that) but it’s something that didn’t happen to me so dramatically until this tests you guys mention started.


Just wanted to chime in and say that I also really, really dislike these tests. Right now everything’s being sorted by ‘trending’ times. That’s going to make trending items even trendier and new items less likely to get discovered. I kindly urge Envato to change it back. :slight_smile:


Hey guys! So sorry to read all this massages about bad sales lately…but do not worry - it is just the same for me :wink:. Actually I am about to ask next question - does anyone noticed next thing - when i update my items (adding tags and description) with a slight hope that may be something can change this no-sales-nightmare, i figure out that right after any change to the item have been made - i take a look at my portfolio with a sort by rating - and this (changed/edited) item goes right to the bottom of the portfolio. Has anyone noticed the same or I am the luckiest one? I do not really know whether it influence items rating in the global Envato search but who knows…
So - any thoughts?
And also - keep it up guys! :slight_smile: We have to be strong to survive this dark days! :muscle:

Hey, I hadn’t noticed that but yes, same here. So it seems that updating an item decreases it’s rating, is that what you meant? I don’t know… everything is so weird (and alarming). Almost 3 days in a row without a single sale around here.