New search system. What do you think?

I saw that the search system has changed. Tell me, what do you think about this?


My sales are stopped from 24th! 0 sales…

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I can not say for sure, but in my opinion the search has changed today. Do you think this is related?

This is interesting. Best Match seems to be more fresh than all old crazy 1000+ sales that already earned its living.

It seems it has. Unfortunatley, filtering a search by length of the track isn’t possible right now, because only the length of a track’s first version is listed. So, if I need a track e.g. with a length of 0:45 seconds, I can’t find anything… :frowning:


Maybe, i don’t remember that i have no sales consecutive 6 days, what do you think?

I really liked the auto stop though when hitting a new song.

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Everyone has ups and downs, my friend :slight_smile:
Do not worry, everything will be ok!

I have a big portfolio about 750 items, always have stability sales every day, - but what happend with sales, unclear…

If this is related to the search. That last week there is almost no sales. This is a very sharp drop. I think it’s not completely fair to lose in search of portfolios. Still, I hope that this is a seasonal factor of low sales. But so far, everything is bad.


Yep,it seems it’s new.
There’s even new Sort By: Best Rated
Also there’s no 10 000+ sold corporate tracks in search by default

  • new design

Maybe it’s new A\B\C testing?
In july they will get information,in august it will be analyzed and then implementation of new engine in september-november?

Perhaps, but I want to say that the fact that obsolete tracks (nevertheless with a huge number of sales) do not now have a primary importance in the issue - this is a really sensible idea. It’s time for the market to move on, I think.

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I hope, that It is not the final version of the search…
All relatively new tracks with good sales which were in high demand by clients are VERY VERY FAR IN SEARCH RESULTS!!!

Thank you!


Very nice! Thanks Envato!


Something with the search is wrong, the new tracks are displayed strangely. The same tracks I met on the first five pages of the category of new tracks.


On the first 5 pages, the same tracks come across

I think the purpose of new search is stimulating ALL authors to write new material
I’ve just started to analyze it,but I think that it’s still not balanced

In any case, given what I see now - now they are obviously moving in the right direction.

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Totally Agree :slight_smile: