Sales down (June)

Does anyone know the reason for this? When comparing the sales in June with those in April and May, there has been a 50% down.


Yes I didnt get any sales from 1st of june till yesterday, it was not only for me I personally contacted many authors who are in higher states than me and they said it’s the same, I made a support ticket too and they say that can be happened as they do experiments, changes in seo changes in marketing competition and so and so, any way now the elements traffic is high and they may control the budgets on market and sales are damn slow. Yesterday was a quite good for me


Indeed this month is wired.

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yes very strange a start indeed, last week was a disaster and this was a bit the same for Monday, multiple sales yesterday and today nothing lol

I made a support ticket and this is what they said…
" I always advise our authors to be very careful when it comes to holding a firm expectation regarding sales - and this is for an excellent reason! There are so many factors that can contribute to a change. For example, we are constantly optimizing via experiments to improve our search performance, rankings, on-site user interface, and design. We are also continually testing and improving our offsite SEO." - Now we get it right…

@ThemeGer Yes, same here!

this is quite a strange way to answer , if u ask me… this is legitimate for authors to try, as much as possible , to get a visibility on earnings and make sure that they - at least - realize a certain amount of revenue depending on their paw, number of items and so on …

Same here. This week, I’ve earned what I usually earn in one day and an half…

I also have the same situation. its just a vocation period.

I hope you are right ! :pray:

Yeah, it’s zero now :sob:

It looks like Elements aggressive banner at the top.

Same here. Normal at the first week (I think came from potential buyers who checked on the week before.) 2 first week with only 1-2 sales. Hope will be back to normal.

To me it looks like someone messed up SE rankings big time since there is huge drop in SE traffic on our item’s pages. Someone should take a look at that.

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Right Sales down

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sales are most important very strange … as for me the week was quite fair until two days ago where there are no sales anymore

worst month EVER, only 3 sales this month :unamused:

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Same here

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We have -90% drop in sales during the last few weeks.


Hi, sales are dropping across the community. Look at the similarweb statistics, it shows a drop in resource attendance, Bounce Rate 47.47%, from three million to one and a half. What’s going on with envato.