very low sales


there is any problem at the market
very low sales from the first day at this month ,
Is there one suffers from this problem


yeah i have read several authors having the same problem. Best of luck mate :slight_smile:


Thanks my friend :slight_smile:


this is desperating , if they did not give all to a handful of guys also things would be better … and asme goes with focusing on quality over number and volume, people doing their best would be better off!


Sales are dramatically low. 2 sales in 2 days. I never had this before and I’m a member since 2011! Also my google analytics show, that there is a drastically drop of visitors. But no one cares.


same goes for me , my sales are horribly low if compared with usually and the traffic on my account is vey low as well as u mentioned also Andrea … envato better take care of these sorts of things rather than introducing some unnecessary and author non-friendly new things as they tend to do for a good while now … they shoudl start with search engine issues by the way, one of my friends and i had a test we typed something in the search engine and guess what a guy had 18 out 30 of the slots available in the first page of results … how can anybody but the concerned person (nothing against the person by teh way … he probably did not have anything to do with this lol) sell in these conditions …


1 week was great, 2 week sales was very low, this week sales come back… Goof luck to all!) Hope this week will be cool to everyone!)


By the way, don’t we really have a “JUNE 2016 SALES” forum thread? It seems we don’t.


very low sales. Over the last week, only 3 sales. This have not happened before…(((


This month is season of tourism, football,… sale very low and slow :frowning: