Review queue initiative: author upload limits.

I’m not a reviewer, but it seems pretty obvious to me. I could be wrong! Imagine reviewers are bouncers at the nightclub… if you’ve got sneakers on then they’re going to tell you you’ve got sneakers on and turn you away. They’re not going to look at your footwear, check your ID, pat you down for weapons and the like… and then tell you you’ve got sneakers on and turn you away. It’s an inefficient use of time.

Maybe if an item is really close to getting approved, then it makes sense to go through everything, but not if it’s pretty far off the standard on the current submission.

Good!,. I see that already has a good effect on review times.
thanks for this change!

And how long does a review of an item generally takes?

Really great!!! :princess:

you can see the review times for new items here:

for Audiojungle we have this thread :slight_smile: What is the Audiojungle review queue length now?

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Great, Envato! But I think it would lead making more accounts, some authors already have few… but anyway, thats great news.

It’s gonna suck for those who upload 100+ items in one go like some SFX guys do… But for everyone else this is a good thing!

@matthewcoxy could you clarify this? Id really appreciate knowing where I stand


Why elite author can have 5 items and standard author only one? Me as a standard author how can I become an elite author if you give a change to the authors that already have a lot of items and make a lot of money??? How can we survive on this market? You should have told the new authors to go home…and sustain elite author…It was easy this way…
Thank you! This is my opinion


And I’d even add one more criteria for that: issues of similarity/uniqueness of portfolio content. Which may do not much matter for Envato directly but for buyers surely does (to save them from drawning in the sameness and giving them a choice) so for Envato feedbackly does too. Not sure if this is realizable by human sourses though.

Envato should think about author below level 7. Their limit should be 2.

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Thanks. I see it’s around 26 days for Themeforest. That seams a lot. Not sure if it is always like that.

Love it :smiley: and more love if you double your review staffs :smiley:

Hope if i can upload 2 templates at the same time :slight_smile:, anyway it look like videohive is out right now

Generally, this idea is good for market -

  1. More quality, less trash tracks.
  2. Very good news for elite authors - sure they deserve to have privileges.
  3. Super news for reviwers. It’s a rush job now!!!
  4. Excellent opportunity to filter spammers, thiefs and other cheaters. Also - newcomers who just want easy money by flooding AJ with ton of rubbish each day.

But there are some not good news:

  1. for new authors or 1 year authors who was not so lucky to register on AJ in good time (when it was 5-7 days of approval time, not many authors, not many items). These guys (like me) are not very talented to write hit melody, but at the same time they are hardworkers, they create not bad tracks every day (without hard rejects and with little number of soft) and have 1-3 sales each day, and they can earn money only by AJ, coz left their jobs and relied on Envato. Only by daily uploading they have a little chance to have sales and maybe in some years become elite.

  2. To filter spammers and other cheaters this limit is not enough. Need some identification (limit numbers of accounts) and maybe project screenshots or even video.

Anyway, these new rules have more pros than cons. AJ need to be cleaned. If approval time will be reduced much - it’s happiness for everybody, if not - “death” for many hardworkers (including me).

A good idea! Next Quality!

Uploaded my last WP theme around 22nd of December and got a soft reject at 30th of December.
It’s been like 8 months and I can’t believe that submissions take 25+ days. (up to 3 months, seriously)

Funny story, just few days ago there’s a limitation for the WordPress. I think I’m really lucky cause I have just finished second WP theme but seems I have to wait around two months. (If I’m lucky)

Once upon a time, they were checking every theme in 2-3 days :slight_smile:

Good move. i must say this will improve the quality over all