What is the Audiojungle review queue length now?



Please, post actual numbers

how long are your reviews?
Where are all reviewers?
my new track is under consideration for more than 20 days. Is this possible?
How long are audiojungle.net wait times for reviews?
How long i must wait on upload audio?? :)
AudioJungle Sales Monitor 2
the Audiojungle review queue length now
How many days for reviews?
Review queue initiative: author upload limits.
what are the audio jungle review queuing time now?
1000 sales!!! Yesssss
Average Upload Review time?

Yes it should have been moved with the new forums. Oh well, time to start from square one!


Many authors asked about it. Bit it seems Envato was too busy to move it on new forum. So - lets start from scratch.


Can you edit titles on the new forums? It should probably say “What is the AudioJungle review queue length now?”


Sorry, fixed. English is not my native language. :joy:


Jesus …




Aaah doesn’t matter. We all know what this thread is about.


Unfortunately I can’t contribute anything yet. Haven’t uploaded in a long time :smile:

We need someone to kick-start this thread!


I voted for this thread in the survey. Well, start a new thread :sunglasses:


4 days, approved :slight_smile:


yep, 4 days it is


Yeah! Best thread on the forums for me.

Cool to see the review times making their way down in length.


4 days! Winner :slight_smile:


4 + days and waiting :slight_smile:


4 days. This is good :slight_smile:


So I’m cued for monday. Great.


so I am cued for Sunday morning =(((((


4+ days, approved :grinning:


Hope it will be still 4 days :smiley: