What is the Audiojungle review queue length now?

Please, post actual numbers


Yes it should have been moved with the new forums. Oh well, time to start from square one!

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Many authors asked about it. Bit it seems Envato was too busy to move it on new forum. So - lets start from scratch.

Can you edit titles on the new forums? It should probably say “What is the AudioJungle review queue length now?”

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Sorry, fixed. English is not my native language. :joy:

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Jesus …

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Aaah doesn’t matter. We all know what this thread is about.


Unfortunately I can’t contribute anything yet. Haven’t uploaded in a long time :smile:

We need someone to kick-start this thread!

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I voted for this thread in the survey. Well, start a new thread :sunglasses:

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4 days, approved :slight_smile:

yep, 4 days it is

Yeah! Best thread on the forums for me.

Cool to see the review times making their way down in length.

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4 days! Winner :slight_smile:

4 + days and waiting :slight_smile:

4 days. This is good :slight_smile:

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So I’m cued for monday. Great.

so I am cued for Sunday morning =(((((

4+ days, approved :grinning:

Hope it will be still 4 days :smiley: