What is the Audiojungle review queue length now?

4 days,things are starting to move faster

4,5 days for my last track

4+ days, approved

4 days and 5 hours

4 Days (in queue)

Almost 5 days :tiger:

4 days for a track.

4.5 and done :smile:

4+ days, approved. :slight_smile:

4 days + confirmed!

Wow 4days to get approved. :slight_smile: Themeforest items take 10-14days for approval if its in one shot. My last took almost 2 months with same feedback again and again:)


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Yep Jthemes, but obviously a TF template is much more complicated to review than an inspirational delayed guitar track on AJ… so that’s normal :smile:

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4 days for a new track and 5 days for a pack. Both approved :slight_smile:

4+ days for my last approval

Almost 4 days :blush:

4d 7h for my last item :blush:

A little under 4.5 days for my latest

Yes, 4.5 days .

4 days + Thank you :smile:

4.5 people ! :smiley: